Thermal Insulation

Applications :
Over-deck -RCC roofs
Under deck- RCC or Metal roofs
External Wall Insulation
Internal wall insulation
Floor insulation
False ceilings
Frost protection
Partitions & Internal walls

It is a rigid foam board having closed cell structure and is produced in a fully automated continuous extrusion process in accordance with international specifications and standards.
Its unique properties of high compressive strength, higher R value and low water absorption makes it an ideal insulating material for roofs, walls and floors.
Features and Benefits:
High resistance to heat flow, i.e low thermal conductivity
High insulation value long term
Resistance to water vapour diffusion and water absorption
Long term durability
Uniform density distribution
High compressive strength, compared to other insulation materials
Light weight and easy to handle
Resistance to bacteria and micro organism growth

Product Details:

Material Extruded Polystyrene
Thickness 20 to 100mm
Shape INSUboard
Size 600 x 1250mm
Density 34 kg/m3
Brand Supreme Petrochem Ltd
Compressive Strength 180 to 350 kPa
Thermal Resistance 0.88 Km2/W
Water Absorption 0.3%
Oxygen Index 24%