Water Proofing

Since 1989 we are better known for our construction chemicals and services. When the point of services come, we are mainly known for our waterproofing services which we provide to our government and corporate clients. We have the best team for waterproofing and take up the waterproofing job with proper planning and most suitable solution depending upon the condition and base of surface

We are specialist of Water proofing. We do treatment of following parts of a concrete structure:
1. Terrace waterproofing
2. Basement waterproofing
3. lift-pits waterproofing
4. Wall waterproofing
5  Water tanks waterproofing
6. Reservoirs waterproofing
7. Toilet waterproofing

We do effective waterproofing by applying following methods:
1. Acrylic
2. Polymer
3. Tar-felt
4. APP membrane
5. Grouting
6. Epoxy
7. Elastoplast
8. Polyurethane based Coniroof Waterproofing